1. The T-Spot.TB test:

    T-Spot.TB test is the Cellular Blood Test for the Detection of Latent and Active Tuberculosis Infection

  2. How the T-Spot.TB test helps you:

    The T-Spot.TB test gives you accurate results in all patient groups, time after time with minimum effort.


    The T-Spot.TB test has a sensitivity of 95.6%[1] which is maintained in the immunocompromised[2] [3] including HIV infected subjects[4]. Compared to other assays, the T-Spot.TB test identifies a higher percentage of infected subjects and can be used to help rule-out active disease in TB suspects in just 24 hours.


    The T-Spot.TB test uses the RD1 antigens, ESAT-6 and CFP10, which ensure it does not cross react with the BCG vaccine or most environmental mycobacteria[5][6]. Since the specificity of the T-Spot.TB test is 97.1%[7], false positives are rare so unecessary chempoprophylaxis and follow-up is avoided.


    The T-Spot.TB test requires a single blood sample so only one visit is required. Blood can be collected in Vacutainer® or any readily available lithium heparin blood tube.


    As the T-Spot.TB test dramatically reduces the number of false positive and false negative results, it helps ensure that therapy is targeted at people who are truly infected[8][9].

  1. The Science behind T-Spot®

    Simplified, validated ELISpot method

    Collect white cells using BD CPT tube or Ficoll extraction.
    Add white cells and TB antigens to wells. Effector T-cells release interferon gamma.
    Interferon gamma captured by antibodies.
    Incubate, wash and add conjugated second antibody to interferon gamma.
    Add substrate and count T-spots
  2. Interpretation of Results

  1. How T-Spot.TB test is used

    • Preventative screening amongst immunocompromised patient groups including:
      HIV, anit-TNFα, cancer chemotherapy, renal dialysis and transplant patients
    • Targeted testing of high risk populations including:
      TB suspects, close contacts, immigrants, prisons, care-homes
    • Pre-employment and regular screening of key professions:
      Healthcare professionals/occupational health
  2. T-Spot.TB test advantages at a glance

    • Single blood sample. No repeat visit.
    • Unaffected by BCG vaccination and common non-tuberculous mycobacteria
    • Unrivalled sensitivity, maintained even in the immunocompromised
    • A cost-effective model for TB control
  • Flexible, 96-well format
    • Twelve, 8-well strips
    • 4 wells used per patient; 24 patients per kit
    • Positive and Negative control for each patient test
  • Utilizes standard blood collection tubes
  • No special lab equipment required

T-Cell Xtend

The use of T-Cell Xtend allows the T-SPOT.TB assay to be performed on blood samples up to 32 hours after venepuncture without any change in accuracy of the test.

T-Cell Xtenn
T-Cell Xtend

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