Company Profile

Rapid development in the medical industry has given rise to iPath Corporation - a wholly Filipino-owned venture that responds to the challenges of the future in the field of medical diagnostic devices as well as other automated instruments.

Under the leadership of its President/CEO, Dr. Santiago S. Castillo, Jr., a Filipino pathologist based in Ohio, U.S.A., iPath commenced its operation on June 8, 2009. iPath's aim is to continuously update and upgrade medical practices thru the introduction of diagnostic and therapeutic modalities (currently available in developed and industrialized countries), ultimately improving the quality of healthcare delivery in the Philippines.


  • To uplift the standard and quality of diagnostic and laboratory equipment in the Philippine medical industry.
  • To pioneer the introduction and distribution of the latest laboratory equipment as part of the modernization plans in the Philippine medical industry.


iPath, as a diagnostic and therapeutic company, will ensure the clientele's satisfaction by:

  • Providing the highest quality product and services to ensure client satisfaction.
  • Ensuring cost-effective services in the highly competitive and rapidly developing medical industry.
  • Consistently innovating and updating diagnostic tools to keep abreast with the trends and needs of the medical industry.
  • Playing a key role in the community development and nation building through the introduction of innovative products towards the improvement of healthcare delivery.
  • Contributing to the value formation via the sponsorship and development of programs with the highest moral, social, and educational standards.
  • Actively safeguarding the environment by supporting eco-friendly programs and activities.
  • Adhering to the utmost professional and ethical business standards.
Jinggo Castillo, Jr. MD
Dr. Santiago S. Castillo, Jr. MD