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iPath Corporation is a Philippine-based company committed to improving patient care primarily by offering innovative diagnostic tests spanning but not limited to the fields of immunology and cytology.

iPath is involved in the distribution and marketing of medical diagnostic tests and devices developed and/ or manufactured by well respected and established companies in the United States of America and Europe.Our principal product is an FDA approved tuberculosis test, T-Spot®.TB, for the detection of TB infection. Another offering is a liquid based cytology test, Glucyte™, which is an improvement on the decades old Pap smear which multiple utility for gynecologic and non-gynecologic specimens (urine, sputum, effusions, bronchial washing/ brushings and fine needle aspiration biopsies).

Featured Products

EC.PAP Liquid-based PAP Smear

Affordable thin layer, liquid-based Pap Smear with cost comparable to conventional Pap Smear. Residual sample available for HPV DNA typing and STD testing if required.